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Kiri-ai: The Duel is at PAX Unplugged this week - Here are some status updates



This is Ai with Mugen Gaming. We wanted to give you an update regarding the availability of the game; Kiri-ai:The Duel. We were expecting it to arrive in November but due to an unforeseen shipment delay, we are now expecting it to arrive and be ready to ship in mid-December. The latest information we have is that it is arriving at the port in a few days. Then it will go through customs, be sent to our partner's warehouse, and be forwarded to us. As the holidays are approaching, we wanted to make sure we provide a reasonable expectation on when the game could arrive. We will try our best to deliver the game for the holidays and we will keep you posted.

We will be opening up for preorders for U.S. addresses. We should be able to give an update for international folks in the beginning of January as we are working with our international distribution partners.

If you are a retailer in the U.S., please email us at for direct orders, or check for availability through your favorite distributors.

For some exciting news, this week Mugen Gaming will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia and will have a limited number of games for sale that were air-shipped over by our wonderful partner Lucky Duck Games! This will be your first opportunity to play the game and purchase here in the U.S. We will be demoing the game at the Lucky Duck Games booth so if you are attending the show come visit us, we would like to see you! 
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